69 Tips for Sex!

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Here are a few reader-submitted tips to try:

  • The secret word for great sex is spontaneity. Be spontaneous and don't plan everything out or pencil her in for an appointment! Pick her up and sit her on the sink when she is in the bathroom fixing her hair... OR... grab her arm when she walks by you in the hallway and lean her against the wall! She will be bragging to her friends the next day about you!

  • Use three fingers, it works, one on the g spot, one inside, and leave the third to roam. It works!

  • While performing oral sex, take your tongue and lick from the back through the anus to the clit then to the belly button and that will make her quiver and like you
  • Tip for men: Tell her what you want her to do to you... but don't order her around. Whisper to her how you want it... its a turn on and it helps us to please you.
  • A woman loves to be touched -- not roughly but slow and gently. Start up top and work your way down. Make sure you are touching skin since she can't feel you through her clothes.